Team Showcase by Omega

Team Showcase by Omega is the perfect app to build to display and manage your team and members as a responsive grid or as a dynamic slider. You have multiple special layouts that will help you to show your team in so many different ways.

You can manage your members by grouping into separate teams. With Team Showcase by Omega you can display your team without any line of code. All you need to do is to copy the shortcode to your specific posts or pages.

You can display the members in 7 different main ways

Grid Layout

The members will display in a responsive grid with the number of columns you set and with the information to the right or below the image, depending on your settings.

Hover Grid Layout

The members will display also in a responsive grid, but the information will display when you hover the image.

Grid Boxes Layout

Another grid layout to display members with the information in Side Panel or VCard Popup.

Thumbnail Slider Layout

The members will display the information with Thumbnail Slider navigation.

Thumbnail Pager Layout

The thumbnails of the members pictures will display smaller and on click the bigger picture and information will display in a designated area. Very similar to a gallery functionality where you can navigate the content clicking on the small thumbnails.

Honeycomb Layout

The members will display in a responsive image's honeycomb gallery with Side Panel or VCard Popup information.

Filter Showcase Layout

Filter member by small button of Group's title.

You can customize and enhance the layout, with several layout options and pre-built styles.

Number of members to display
Choose number of members to display on your store, default all members in Filter Showcase Layout.

Number of Columns
You can choose how many columns you want to display. The Columns will be responsive and adapt in different screen sizes.

Image Shapes and effects
You will be able to choose if you want the images to display with squared corners, rounded corners or even circular shaped! In addition you can give them extra styles, like grayscale, image borders and shadow styles.

Layout preset or Composition


Input fields for specific content

When adding/editting a member, you’ll have fields for specific content. By default this fields are:

  • Description – A text area where you can include HTML content. Can be used for example to include content that doesn’t fit the other input fields, or simply to place longer content like a tag line for the user.
  • Job Title – Name of the position of the team member, or department definition.
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Location
  • Personal Website
  • Social Networks links (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube, Vimeo ...)